Enhancia Plume - Plugin host og Synth

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Christoffer I. N.
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Enhancia Plume - Plugin host og Synth

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Vist primært interessant for folk der har Enhancia's controller Neova (viewtopic.php?t=75584)
Der er endnu ikke produktside til Plume på deres hjemmeside:

Beskrivelserne fra de to youtube videoer:

"Plume intends to seamlessly integrate Neova into the music production workflow. In a few clicks, artists will be able to map any gesture (vibrato, tilt, pitch bend, and roll) to any parameters/effects from their plugins. Every of them has already been assigned for the musicians, they don’t have to waste time creating their configurations. By scrolling through the presets, they can explore the richness of numerous sounds while focusing on their creative workflow. Plume is a plugin host. It can load any virtual instrument and control its parameters. The power of any synthesizer is embedded in a single software and can be controlled by Neova. Plume will be available in VST and AU format for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems."


"Expressive sounds designed for virtuosos

Plume comes with a Factory Preset Pack, a selection of inspiring sounds powered by UVI sound engine specifically designed for Neova. This leads to the creation of Factory Sounds Library containing over 50+ inspiring and expressive sounds carefully crafted to work in synergy with Neova. Formerly exclusive to Neova users, all presets of these expressive sound expansions are now also offered in an open format, playable from any digital instrument."

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