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ny blog : Ableton, Max, Massive, gratis download

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I have seen some traffic coming to my website from this forum! I appreciate whoever has been sharing my material here! I figured I would make a post myself about my website.

I have a good number of video tutorials for Ableton Live, Max for Live, NI Massive and others. They are all in English, but most come with free downloads! Below is a list of what is currently available as a free download and video tutorial!


Feel free to contact me with any questions!

p.s. I apologize if I am posting in the wrong sub forum and for the English!

Ableton Live Presets

Building a Dubstep Kick with Operator | 4 videos [Free Rack]
1,000+ Impulse Response Clips for Convolution Reverb [Free Downloads]
Mastering Rack v.3: Convolution Reverb Bright Sound [Free Rack]
Mastering Rack v.2: Making Multiband Dynamics [Free Rack]
1 Knob DJ Fx – Week 1 – Grain Delay [Free Rack]
Customizable 2, 3, & 4 Band Pass Filters [Free Download]
Reggae Palm & Sub Bass Instrument Rack [Free Rack]
Starting a Song: Dramatic & Romantic Sh!t [Free Project Template]
Frequency Splitting Compressor Rack v.2 [Free Rack]
Instrument Rack: Operator: Fx Riser Box v.1 [Free Rack]
EQ Effects Rack: Bass Phat-i-fier [Free Rack]
Effects Rack: 1 Knob Build Up Machine [Free Rack]
Mastering Rack v.1 *Stereo Imaging [Free Rack]
Mastering Rack v.2 *Hip Hop (COMING SOON)
Moonlight Sonata Midi (first 4 bars) [Free midi]
Introduction to Sampler: Part 1: Samples [Free Samples]
Instrument Rack: Operator: Mallets [Free Rack]
Instrument Rack: Operator: Bell Pad v.1 & v.2 [Free Rack]
Instrument Rack: Operator: Dubstep Wobble Bass [Free Rack]
Instrument Rack: Operator: Sub Distortion Rack [Free Rack]
Instrument Rack: Operator: FX: Nite Woods [Free Rack]
Instrument Rack: FX: Creepy Boom [Free Rack]
Effects Rack: DJ EQ & FX 2.0 [Free Rack]
Effects Rack: Frequency Split Compressor [Free Rack]
Operator Preset: Trip Hop Chords [Free Operator Preset]
Tape Stop Effect Source Files [Free Samples, VST]
EQ 8: 15 Professional Presets [Free EQ 8 Presets]
EQ 8: Mid/Side Mode Preset
Stereo Widener (Mr. Bill & JC) [Free Rack]
Imaginary Bass Source Files [Free Massive Pacth, WOW preset]
Quick Tip 21: Presets [source files]

Loop / Construction / ALP Packs / Remix Packs

[project file / stems] The f*ck You Talkin’ Bout (Original Mix) – Joshua Casper [Bombeatz Inc.]
[project file / stems] Unchained (Original Mix) – Joshua Casper [Snap Music]
[project file / stems] Glitch Hiker (Original Mix) – Joshua Casper
[ableton live set] Hip Hop MegaMix
Tuned Kicks – Volume.1
Sample Pack #1 – Glitch Hop / Dubstep
Sample Pack #2 – Dark Techno / Tech House
Sample Pack #3 – Glitch Hop / Chill Out / Electro

Massive Patches

FX – Static (White Noise) Impact
FX – 8 Bit Hit v.1 & v.2
FX – Bright n Deep n Noisy
FX – Riser Templates v.1 & v.2
FX – Riser Cicada
Pad – Accordo-ish v.1 & v.2
Pad – Deep Metalic Highlights
Pad – Mau5pad
Lead – Epic
Lead – Thriller v.1 & v.2
Lead – Trancey Bells v.1 & v.2
Bass – Simple Square Hit
Bass – Glitch Metallic Performer
Bass – Reggae / Garage Bass

Max for Live Devices

Music Theory Helper v.4 *major & minor scales w/ more theory
Music Theory Helper v.2 *major & minor scales and chords
Music Theory Helper v.1 *major & minor scales
Ring Modulator
Getting “sel” numebrs; information patch
Color Box
Stereo Bit Crusher
Ultimate Delay v.6.4
Simple Delay Device v.4
Simple Delay Device v.3
Simple Delay Device v.2
Simple Delay Device v.1
Stereo Swapper v.5
Stereo Swapper v.1 – v.4

After Effects Templates

Record Player (turn table) Music Promo Template
Audio React Template & Source Files v.1
Audio React Template & Source Files v.2

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