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Christoffer I. N.
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Sted: Hørsholm flytter til Splice - Evt. vigtigt for tidligere købere

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Som der står i overskriften, så flytter Samplemagic til Splice.

Det betyder at du som tidligere kunde ikke kan downloade gamle køb fra efter 31. Maj. Dine køb bliver ikke overført til Splice.

Her er hvad de skriver:
As you may already know, we will be launching the new version of Sample Magic at the end of this month. Under the new site build, you can no longer purchase samples from

You can instead visit where you will have access to all Sample Magic sounds along with millions of other royalty free sounds. With the sunsetting of our previous website you will no longer be able to directly access packs that were previously purchased on

We ask that you backup all of your purchases before May 31, 2020. In the event that you would need to access a previously purchased pack in the future, we will be able to assist if you provide us with an order number and your name. The order number is a 6 digit number that begins with the # sign, and it can be found in the email confirmation you received for every purchased product.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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