Headphone plugged into monitor output

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Headphone plugged into monitor output

Indlæg Skrevet: 11. apr 2017, 08:47

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface which I only use for mixing (no live instruments, plugged into my CPU soundcard), which I am very happy with.

But, since you guys suggested I mix with headphones (at least for starting), rather than monitors, which may be the best advice I've ever received here, the volume knob for headphone output is tiny and actually a little hard to turn, get a grip on.

The 2i2's monitor volume knob is nice and big and I can ride it with my hand, keeping a new, unknown volume track from blasting me, or just for a moment. The cans's knob is too small and not enough room to do that.

So I plugged the cans into the outgoing monitor ports on the 2i2 using a splitter (2 ports are 1/4 inch, combining in the 1/4 headphones), and that works, but I'm not certain there is a degradation in the quality of the sound signal into the cans. I definitely have to crank the monitor volume knob farther, about 80%,than using monitors or the cans's volume knob (50%). My hearing is not great, so I can't be certain is that's what I'm hearing (relative term), but I'd like the best sound possible of course.



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