Looking for a band in copenhagen

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Looking for a band in copenhagen

Indlæg Skrevet: 30. apr 2017, 19:25

Hey all,

Forgive me if i posted this in the wrong subforum. I don't speak danish, and i didnt understand every topic.

I am 23 years old and I live in switzerland. I will move to copenhagen in september to start a Master in Acoustical Engineering at the DTU. Music defines a essential part of my life and I've been in a band since I was 18. I know how difficult it is to find a band and I want to find a band that fits with my ideas as soon as possible.
So I don't speak danish and I have no idea about the music scene in copenhagen. So my question to you is, do you have any tips how to tackle my problem ;) or any contacts i could adress to gain more information about finding a band in copenhagen? I'm very motivated and i love to play concerts -> i'll be happy with any hint you can give ;)

Some things about me:

Instruments: electric guitar (main), piano/keys, vocals (not leadsinger), bass
Guitar Skill: I guess i can play almost everything except for shredding
stage experience: 5 years +
Music Genre: Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punkrock
Band examples: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Libertines, The Kinks, Soundtrack of our lives, Kraftklub, Frank Turner, ...

I'm open for many genres, but I'm not the kind of guitarist who stands in the corner and picks crystal clear indie-pop melodies. I wanna play Rock'n'Roll ;)

So if you have any hints, I appreciate every help :)

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Re: Looking for a band in copenhagen

Indlæg Skrevet: 1. maj 2017, 08:17

Hello and welcome to the forums (and Denmark)!

I've moved your subject to the subforum "Ydelser søges", which means you're looking for something - a band to play with, in this case.
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Re: Looking for a band in copenhagen

Indlæg Skrevet: 1. maj 2017, 09:36

You had me at crystal clear indie pop melodies, but that's because I misread it, lol.

If you change your mind - or genre - check out my project http://www.facebook.com/gracevillemusic

Here are some more forums you can join to find the right band:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/2803821 ... 0/?fref=ts
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1255763 ... ts&fref=ts

Welcome to Denmark.
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