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Cloudlifter CL-Z

Indlæg Skrevet: 12. okt 2018, 16:36

Cloudlifter® Mic Activators® use phantom power from your preamp, interface or mixer to provide up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain, maximizing your microphones’ signal strength and clarity, which lowers the amount of gain required with any preamp and lowering the noise floor. The result is a cleaner, stronger signal that delivers more of the sound of the actual mic itself!

The supercharged Cloudlifter CL-Z provides new tonal possibilities with its continuously variable input impedance via a single control - the “Vari-Z knob”. With a continuous range from 150 ohms to 15k ohms, the Vari-Z knob provides ultimate control over your microphone’s character by providing the ability to precisely match – or creatively mismatch – the ideal manufacturer specified impedance of dynamic, tube and ribbon mics.

Nok ikke den bedste demo-video jeg har set/hørt:

Cloudlifter Z Overview and Demo

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