Soundtheory Gullfoss - adaptiv dynamisk EQ

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Soundtheory Gullfoss - adaptiv dynamisk EQ

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Indtil videre kun til Mac.
Link til manualen:

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*On how many computers can I activate my license?

You can install and authorize Gullfoss on several local user accounts and on different machines. Since we're in Early Access right now for a reduced price of $99, you will get 10 online activations. That means you can install Gullfoss on up to 10 different machines, but they have to be online. Only one machine can use Gullfoss at the same time.

After Early Access the price will be $199 and a license will include one offline activation and three online activations. With an offline activation you can use Gullfoss without an internet connection. All Early Access purchasers will keep their 10 online activations and get the additional offline activation. Early Access will run until all major issues are ironed out. Expect a bumpy ride for untested hosts.

Youtube kanal uden noget indhold indtil videre: ... 11et8Gy44Q
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Re: Soundtheory Gullfoss - adaptiv dynamisk EQ

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